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Class Structure For the 2023 Series season

For the 2023 Series season, the Series classes available for competitors is based on the list below:

• Formula Libre Under 2000cc

• Formula Libre Over 2000cc

• Sports cars Open/Closed Under 2000cc

• Sports cars Open/Closed Over 2000cc

• Tarmac Rally Cars 2WD Under 2000cc

• Tarmac Rally Cars 2WD Over 2000cc

• Tarmac Rally Cars 4WD

• Outright Sedan Under 2000cc

• Outright Sedan 2001cc – 4000cc

• Outright Sedan Over 4001cc

• Clubman Under 2000cc

• Clubman Over 2000c

• Road Car Under 2000cc

• Road Car Over 2000cc

• Excel Cup

If less than 3 series registered competitors enter a class it may be combined with the same class with higher/lower CC to make a viable class

The Series committee is there to assist with details relating to class information if needed

WA State Speed Event Series – 2023 Standing Regulations v1.5 Draft